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Good at what we do, (read our guide), we're a family run block paving business with over 20 years trade within Wetherby, Leeds, Harrogate & York. We're renowned as the best in the business and we have a superb track record. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say...


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Leeds Driveways Services

Leeds Driveways and creative Block Paving

Considering Leeds driveways or block paving? Look after your driveway and patio and they will last you a lifetime. Here are some ways you can prolong their life…

Top Tip – Oil spill on block paving or Leeds driveways

1. Absorb as much of the oil as possible with some old rags.

2. Cat litter. Rub it into the patch with your foot to absorb the liquid.

3. After a while sweep it up and dispose of correctly.

4. If there is still a stain then pour a can of Coke on it.

5. Scrub with a hard brush.

6. Finish off with a good ‘oil soap’ and scrub/wash again.

7. If satin persists visit your DIY store and buy specialist ‘oil remover’

8. Check manufacture first though to make sure you use the correct product for your surface.

Weeds on tarmac Leeds driveways or block paving?

Keep on top of any weed problem before it becomes a REAL problem. Any sign and pull them out immediately, if you don’t you will only make it harder for yourself later. Once or twice a year spray a weed killer over the surface to keep new weeds at bay. Regular brushing will also deter new weeds to settle and grow.

Driveway Cleaning

Hot soapy water and a good strong brush will keep your driveway or patio fresh and new looking. Check manufacture first though to make sure you use the correct product for your surface.

Algae and Moss on Your Driveway

A cheap bleach is ideal, try it watered down first and build the strength up if required. Again scrub, scrub and scrub again.


Again, cheap bleach should be fine if you catch them early enough, if not try a fungicidal wash available from most DIY and hardware stores.

Power Washing

In the right hands a good power wash can make a tired driveway look new, but be careful, used incorrectly it can ruin your driveway. Get an expert in or seek advice from one and always read the manufacturers operating instructions carefully.


Like any surface, your patio or driveway’s surface will wear after use and it’s protective nature can be affected. Therefore we recommend a good sealant should be used every few years to keep it in tip-top condition. Again, visit a good DIY store or contact us for advice to keep on top of your block paving Leeds.

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