Driveways Leeds up for Rent, are you looking?

Thousands of smart Leeds driveways – Harrogate, York and Wetherby are earning extra cash

But how? By hiring out their Leeds driveways to commuters and shoppers. Their daily charge rates are very competitive and attractive to money savvy workers.

Driveways for homeowners in Leeds can earn them hundreds of pounds each year. They can rent out their driveways to business people, as a cheaper option to the city centre and town parking.

Driveways to rent

One company is Just Park. They help residents make money from parking. They have 203 householders with Leeds driveways alone, who provide a total of 333 spaces.

Is yours a perfect driveway?

David Adsetts from Woodhouse, said he decided to rent out his driveway after seeing a television programme. They were making extra money from parking. And as he lives just minutes from Leeds University, his driveway is a perfect fit.

David charges £3 a day to commuters for his space and even had some people who had booked out his driveway for months at a time.  “I see it as money for nothing,” he said. “There is absolutely minimum effort on my part – apart from making sure the driveway is in good condition.”

Do you have a parking space that you don’t use?

25 year old Emma Barnes makes on average £60 each month by renting out her driveway.  She said: “I would definitely recommend doing it, especially if you have a parking space that you don’t use.”

Expensive parking in Leeds

Just Park said Leeds has one of the most expensive public parking spaces in the UK.  A spokesman said: “Expensive parking in Leeds has resulted in a growing number of homeowners making extra money by renting out their driveways to commuters, visitors and shoppers.”

Ensure yours is in tip-top condition

However, our advice is to ensure your driveway is fit for purpose first. Homeowners with patios and driveways Leeds, Harrogate and Wetherby that don’t stand up to scratch could find themselves in court. This is due to damage to vehicles and or persons if their driveway is in bad condition.

If you need to get yours up to date, then call the MD paving team and they can discuss your block paving.