Projects for Driveway Leeds Paving and Block Paving

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Driveway Leeds paving is not always an obvious link to a racecourse, but the small market town of Wetherby outside Leeds is most famously known for its racecourse.

But driveway Leeds paving is where another great bet resides – MD Paving.

And there is no better way to transform your property. It’s the first thing a visitor sees as they come to your house.

The leafy streets and surrounding villages are full of well-heeled locals who live in nicely appointed properties. The likes of nearby Linton, Harewood and East Keswick are shining examples – house after house of beautiful brick, stone and driveways Leeds. It’s no surprise this part of England sits within what’s known as ‘the golden triangle’ – the area between York, Harrogate and Leeds.

Paving Material Costs

A new driveway will cost anything from £500 to £25,000, depending on the size of the drive and also what’s required to build it in.

A good starting point is to budget, budget, budget. Ask some friends and talk to your neighbours, find out how much they spent and who they used.

Paving Materials for Driveways

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magazine called Driveway Ideas Monthly, if there was we’d be in it! So, get yourself off to Marshalls and Jewsons and get some sample pics, or go online and visit their websites. Also, talk to some contractors and ask for their brochures. If all else fails, just go and look in Linton, East Keswick or Harewood – there’s plenty to fawn at there… even Harewood House, now that’s a long driveway!

Driveway Paving and Prices

Pricing your driveway paving project isn’t easy – so many materials to choose from and so much detail you could include, but again, chat with your chosen contractor and ask him to estimate various scenarios – like blockwork with a pattern in it or Indian stone flagging.

You really can’t get enough costs in to consider, never rush into a driveway project or you will make inevitable mistakes. Always do your research.

DIY Driveways

Most consumers are adept at DIY – hence the boom in DIY sheds like B&Q… but mostly they’re suitable for small-scale projects like painting, minor plumbing and electrics. Undertaking a DIY driveway is not to be considered lightly unless you are a pro. So our tip is stick to what you know and get an expert in.

Driveways Kent

Wetherby is nowhere near Kent, but it is near Leeds and there is also a Leeds in Kent – so make sure you don’t mix up the two when choosing your contractor or he’ll have a long way to travel to build your driveway!

Other Paving Material Types

This is a good answer for a driveway and a good way to achieve a spectacular result without breaking the bank. Google ‘resin bonded driveways’ and see some great examples. It’s a great alternative to concrete and tarmac.


We are an officially approved contractor to use Marshalls products, we work as a team, they supply some of the best products on the market and we construct with them to provide a spectacular finish for block paving Leeds.


Again, we use Jewsons because of their superb products an value for money. We recommend them and in return, they recommend us for our expertise.