Need a driveway contractor this Springtime?

Your local driveway contractor can install a beautiful new driveway in time for Spring!

Driveway contractor – It’s that time of year folks, when you need to be thinking about the outside of your property and getting it ready for Summer. During those lighter days your driveway is on show and the first thing visitors see. So the best way to upgrade? Install a new driveway or beautiful block paving, which we promise, can really make all the difference.
There are many options available to you, which can perfectly match your budget. Here are just some examples of what you can do.

Block Paving

A great way to add a unique design and colour is to lay block paving. Did you know that there are approximately 1,200 types to choose from? Think about the colour and style you want. It’s now super easy to get the design you want, which also compliments your home. Block paving Leeds offers an attractive, but more importantly, long term driveway solution. You could also consider part block paving which would give you a contrast of materials, especially to tarmac. It’s an instant refresh to any home.

Resin and Tarmac – great alternatives to block

Resin driveways look stunning if installed properly. The long lasting, durable surface is great to repair and extremely resistant to climate conditions. Tarmac is extremely easy to install, durable, easy to maintain and great value for money.

You could brighten up a concrete driveway

Polishing concrete with one of our machines, will give your driveway a new shine, leaving it spic and span. This type of driveway can be grinded, resurfaced and polished by your driveway contractor, to achieve a truly slick looking surface.

Maybe accessorise your garden

You can also accessorise by lining your driveway with flora. Trees, bushes and flowers can all be used to frame your driveway, making it more inviting. Think about planting perennials such as evening primrose of chrysanthemum. Green spaces, interspersed with borders of block paving can look wonderful.

Lighting up your driveway will also provide extra safety and an easier way to navigate. Plus new technologies provide solar lighting, with no electricity needed, providing beautiful light.

So don’t neglect your driveway and give MD Paving a call today! We have a fantastic 25% off driveways Leeds, block paving and patios if booked before the end of January!
driveway contractor

Beautiful driveway created by your local driveway contractor

Tips on de-icing your block paving or tarmac driveway

Winter tips – 5 ways to de-ice your block paving or tarmac driveway.

Has winter turned your block paving or tarmac driveway into a skating rink? If so, read on as we list the most effective ways to keep your tarmac driveway ice-free. Also tips on how to prevent the snow and ice from accumulating on your driveway in the first place.

Rock Salt

The most common way for you to de-ice your tarmac driveways Leeds is to use grit or as it’s more commonly known as ‘rock salt’. It’s great to use because it’s cheap and pretty much available everywhere.  The UK drops about five million tonnes of the stuff every year, so a popular choice. But the downside is it contains chloride and cyanide making it very dangerous for animals and plants.

Use a shovel

Preventing the snow from building up will prevent ice from forming. So probably the most effective way to de-ice your tarmac driveway is shovelling snow as soon as it falls. This method is green and works 100% of the time. Just takes a little effort and braving the wintery conditions.

Green products

There are a number of green products for de-icing on the market, which are advertised as environmentally friendly or all-natural. However, they can be expensive, corrosive or just ineffective. For example, magnesium calcium acetate is biodegradable, but will only work properly with temps -3C or warmer. Make sure you do your research before splashing out.


This is great for creating traction by making icy and snow surfaces less dangerous. The only downside is the sand can create a lumpy mess and may clog up the outside drains when the snow and ice begin to thaw.

Heat Maps

These are a means for people building a new house, or replacing what’s already there to de-ice their driveway. But for everyday use, they’re prohibitively expensive.

De-icing tarmac driveway

Great Harrogate driveway ideas for home owners

Harrogate driveway ideas – they can make a difference to your property!

MD Paving are happy to pass on driveway ideas to their many customers. Sometimes making the most of a property, means thinking about the outside too. There are many options for hard landscaping, so updating your property can make perfect sense. Whether you want to make a good impression for selling your home or just keen to make it look the best it can, the following ideas can be a great addition.

Artificial Grass

Many people want the appearance of green grass, but can’t cope with the maintenance work and dealing with the upkeep and the temperamental British weather. So for an easy solution and a great alternative, artificial grass could be for you. There is still some uncertainty and hesitation with regards to laying astroturf, but the standards of production have increased tenfold making artificial grass very popular. It can be a really affordable too. A long-term solution that gives lots of benefits and looks great.

Security Post

Security driveway posts are the ideal security statement. They can help achieve and compliment most driveway designs. Most of all they are simple but highly effective. They can be used in various places on your property and will really help to deter thieves, allowing you to protect your home and car in an easier way.

Edging and Kerbing

It really can be the small things that make the biggest impact on your property. Like kerbing and edging, which has taken off in a big way, can give your house such a sense of style. Not only is it functional, but it’s a great divider between walkways and planted areas.


If you have limited space but are looking to grow things, planters are most definitely the best addition. You can use them to add a colourful area or border to your home. They can also make life a lot easier when developing flowers, plants or even vegetation. Plus there are super pretty.

Garden Water Features

Water features can be incredible if they are installed properly. They can give you something really positive, pleasant and relaxing which you are reminded of each time you arrive home. Plus, there are many water feature products on the market, no matter the size of your budget or exterior area.

Remember that MD Paving also install driveways Leeds, Wetherby and York!

Harrogate driveway ideas water fountain

Driveway water feature

Harrogate driveway ideas astroturf

Artificial green grass

Do you need planning permission for a new driveway or patio?

Mick's FAQ's on new driveway planning permission

MD Paving install new driveway

Construction of new driveway

Mick’s FAQ’s – Do you need planning permission for a new driveway or patio?

Here we outline what you need to know with regards to what is and isn’t required for a new driveway:

Where planning permission for a new driveway is NOT required:

  1. There is no limit to the size of hard surface area used, if it is constructed in a permeable product.
  2. You can use impermeable hard landscaping, but provision must be made for rainwater to drain into a softer landscape. This could be grass or a specially constructed soak-away, but the area intended must be less than 5 metres.
  3. The new government legislation only affects front garden areas of the property. There are no restrictions for other areas around the house for hard surfaces at or near the ground level.

Where planning permission for a new driveway IS required:

  1. If more than 5 metres square and the rainwater from the impermeable surface at ground level has nowhere to run (other than into a public road or drainage system), then permission is required.
  2. If the property is a listed building.
  3. As it is the homeowners’ responsibility to apply for planning permissions make sure you check to see if your property borders or is on the following: World Heritage sites, conservation areas, land on national parks or areas of outstanding beauty. Always enquire in advance of any project.

Dropping kerbs for a new driveway

  1. You will also need to obtain planning permission from your local council to drop a kerb, as the pavement which is altered, may need strengthening. This may apply if you need to make access into your garden across the council footpath.
  2. This is important is will protect any services which are buried in the ground, such as drainage and water pipes.
  3. If you are not completely sure of your permission rights for your new driveway or Leeds paving, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. MD Paving will be more than happy to give you the advice you need.

Finding a local driveway contractor – paving rules!

When finding a local driveway contractor, there are some golden rules you should follow! MD Paving explains just what they are and how they will help you to choose the right local driveway contractor.


  1. Never do business on your doorstep. Cold callers are usually scammers, with offers of leftover tarmac. Or they could be an offering you an amazing deal, just because they are in the area for a couple of days. At this point, ‘Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing!’ There will be no come back when things go wrong, as you have no way of tracing the culprits. Politely turn them away!
  2. Always look into who you are employing as you local driveway contractor. Get an itemised written estimate and once agreed, a contract on company letterhead. The address should be traceable with a company website and logo. You should also be able to read testimonials and request references.
  3. It’s really worthwhile seeing if your local driveway contractor is part of a trade association, like The Marshalls Register. These prestigious organisations carry out regular visits to paving contractors to check on working standards. Driveway installers must work to their standards, to ensure they remain on the register.
  4. Try to choose a local driveway contractor who has a proven track record, especially within your area. There’s no substitute for inspecting a contractor’s work. You can also see how it’s been put to the test and how long it has lasted.
  5. Never pay in advance. Especially if the company you are dealing with has no resources to start the job. If they have not started to dig out the groundwork or even scheduled a date, stay clear. Chances are they are not a credible business. If extra work is required once the job has started, always get the additional costs agreed.
  6. Check if the contractor has Public Liability Insurance. It’s not a legal obligation, but a reputable Leeds driveways paving contractor will be insured.
  7. Make sure your local driveway contractor or block paving Leeds is guaranteed. Your paving contractor should offer a labour/material warranty for a certain period. Always check.
  8. When all the above checks have been done, rest assured you should be in good hands. Now you can enjoy your dream driveway!
Local driveway contractor busy at work

Your local driveway contractor!

Would you ever consider a gravel driveway?

A sound which is really satisfying has to be the crunching of stone on a gravel driveway. But could this be the right choice for you?

There are several advantages in choosing a gravel driveway and many of our customers are keen to understand the benefits of this type of driveway for their home.

Benefits of gravel driveways Leeds

Firstly, gravel driveways Leeds can be extremely low maintenance. With just a regular weed killer spray you can keep them looking their very best. They are an added defence to your home, as you will always hear unwanted people approaching.

There is such a wide selection of gravel driveway designs and varieties to choose from. It will give your property a rustic, charming look, especially in the country.

They are definitely suited to vehicle use, due to the interlocking grid system which is placed underneath. And did you know that gravel is permeable, so rain will penetrate through which will replenish the groundwater?

A gravel garden is also wonderful for wildlife too!


However, they are a couple of considerations you may need to think about before installation of a gravel driveway.

Will any part of the driveway be on a slope? You really need to have an even surface for a gravel driveway, which will prevent the stone from slipping or moving out of place.

Are you in a part of the country which is prone to snow and ice? If the weather is consistently bad removing slush and snow from a textured gravel surface can be tricky.

  1. But that aside, a gravel driveway is fantastic. If you are considering one as an alternative to block paving Leeds, then please get in touch will one of our experts. We have over 25 years experience in all aspects of driveway construction and maintenance!
Beautiful MD Paving gravel driveway

Detached luxury new home with gravel driveway.

Leeds Paving Contractors complete another superb driveway in Boston Spa!

A beautiful driveway created by Leeds Paving Contractors

Leeds Paving Contractors, MD Paving were very busy over the Summer period. They constructed a Leeds driveway in Woodlea, Boston spa, using Sorrento Sarsen Stone.

Sorrento Sarsen Stone Paving

If you are ever thinking of using this stone, it offers individuality and character in abundance. The Sarsen stone has amazing red and grey tones. It is a are a great compliment to any home.

It is convenient in that it is available in 3 pack sizes of quarry tumbled, fettled setts. They certainly give a classic aged worn look. They are also available in a range of distinctive, but attractive colours.

What does the paving consist of?

This Leeds paving stone holds the biggest element of stone setts in the range from Plaspave.  With Sorrento, it allows you to create a super stunning design of your choice.

With 3 sizes included within every pack, the random pattern with which to lay the stone enhances the colourway. It also gives your property a distinctive and pleasing ambience.

It is definitely designed to be different, with Sorrento a mix of Carrara and Granite stone. They can be supplied to us in separate packs. Or for a premium, ready blended for easy laying. This really is the ultimate in match and mix, for a truly wonderful colour statement.

Would you like to recreate your driveway?

It can be hard to choose the finish of your new driveway – with so many surfaces to choose from. But Sarsen Sorrento stone is a trusted addition to any home and will give you years of satisfaction. It really is a trusted product within the industry

If you would like to create a unique and beautiful driveway, then please get in touch for any block paving leeds enquiry!

We will be happy to supply a free, no obligation quote for your Leeds driveway.

Leeds Paving Contractors at work Leeds Paving Contractors Cement Mixer Leeds Paving Contractors Sarsen Stone Leeds Paving Contractors landscaping Leeds Paving Contractors finished job Leeds Paving Contractors beautiful Sorrento stone

Block paving sealer – is it time to re-apply on your driveway?

Using a good quality block paving sealer will give your driveway extra years!

Over the years, any exterior surfaces can deteriorate if a good block paving sealer has not been used. This is usually down to exposure to the elements. Growth, such as algae, moss and weeds can flourish in abundance, making it look scruffy and in need of desperate attention. If not regularly maintained, it will easily lose its kerb appeal.

So how do you clean your driveway or outside space?

If you spent money on your driveway, paths or patio it is worth investing in the latest pressure washer and using quality detergents to use for the clean. This will almost guarantee you will be left with that ‘just laid’ look. Most types of hard surfaces can be cleaned including tarmac, decking, natural stone, imprinted concrete, crazy paving and slabs.

What block paving sealer should I use?

Once the process is complete, the long-term durability and appearance can be further improved by using a protective block paving sealer – a couple of coats is best. It will then become waterproof and protect from staining, surface growth and UV light damage. A good acrylic sealer will be reasonably priced and will protect your driveway well, though you will need to apply this every couple of years.

Block paving, which is porous by nature, can be harder to clean, as the gaps filled with sand in between encourage root to grow. So again, a top-up of coat block paving sealer is a must to prevent surface deterioration and loss of colour. A polyurethane sealer maybe a better option for these type of paving

Your patio can also potentially become a death trap in that the surface becomes slippery in damp and wet conditions, especially with algae build up. So try and keep on top of that, especially in Winter time.

Once you have nice clean block paving or driveway, it’s time to spruce it up with some new greenery. Buxus plants are a great addition to any outdoor space. They really do look elegant and are fairly easy to maintain.

If a clean would not do your outdoor space justice and it’s time for an update, then get in touch with MD Paving for a free no obligation quote for your block paving Leeds.

We will happily discuss what’s best for you and a budget to suit.

Block paving sealer to use after prep

cleaning dirty driveway with a pressure washer

Driveways Harrogate – See what MD Paving can do for you!

Driveways Harrogate – What MD Paving can do for you!

MD Paving have over 25 years experience in constructing the best driveways Harrogate. Including courtyards, patios, paths and garden features to add value and enhance your beautiful home.

We love transforming these areas and believe that first impressions, really do count. MD Paving use our own wagons, machines and tradesman which enables us to efficiently and on time, finish your project.

We also believe that no job is too large or small, no site difficult to undertake. We also only use top quality materials.

Family Experience

Did you know that MD Paving has over 25 years experience? We also supply a guarantee on resin and block with free quotations and advice. We have employee and public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Samples for Driveways Harrogate

We can discuss and show samples and product ranges, which are approved by major manufacturers for many block paving projects.

Many of our customers renew their driveways Harrogate and they use expert block paving specialists like MD Paving. We are particularly renowned for our attention to detail on all driveway and block paving projects.

Whether it’s block, brick, stone, resin or tarmac, driveways Harrogate will be beautifully constructed.

Driveways Harrogate – Want ideas?

There’s no better way to get driveway ideas than to try and imagine what you want your driveway to look like. Then why not go take a look at some real driveways. Go and walk around your local neighbourhood.

So what are you waiting for? MD Paving offer you a great service, using only the highest standard materials with industry standard methods, all created by our team of experts.

We offer really friendly advice, free quotations and design, all backed by our comprehensive written guarantee. We are an established company with a first-class reputation for reliability and quality to complete any installation. Whether large or small, all done with minimum fuss.

Not forgetting our unrivaled after-sales service! Give us a call or drop your details onto the website.

Stunning Driveways Harrogate

Beautiful Home and Driveway

What are the benefits of building a new driveway Leeds?

What are the benefits of building a new driveway?

The cost of replacing or installing a new driveway Leeds does not have to be exceptionally high. Constructing a new one, can add great functionality, but also be aesthetically pleasing too. Other benefits include, value added to your home, more parking space and less weed growth. It’s also worth noting that a driveway will always increase your property in value, so makes an excellent investment. But before any major project, you need to create and sign off on budget.

So how much is the cost of a new driveway Leeds?

The cost will depend on 3 things – the amount of space being used, materials cost and the type of driveway you want. The best idea is to hire a specialist in driveways and block paving Leeds. Make sure they are reputable. MD Paving is a family owned business with over 25 years experience, which makes for effective budgeting and planning.

Foundation Driveway Costs

The first thing to look at would be the foundation costs. A solid foundation will last a long time, in addition to using quality paving. Costs associated with the foundation would be digger and skip hire, weed mat, compaction plate and hardcore base.

New Driveway Leeds Paving Materials

Now it’s time to think of what paving to use as there are many styles and materials. Advances in technology have grown within the manufacturing industry and there is so much to choose from. There are gravel driveways, block concrete paving slabs, clay and stone block paving, tarmac and poured concrete.

Colours vary dramatically too. It’s important that is blends in with the surrounding area. Also, consider your style and that it fits with the look of the house.

So how do you obtain planning permission for driveways Leeds?

If extensive work needs to be done, then you will need planning permission and to fill out an application form of which a fee has to be paid. This usually takes about 8 weeks from submission.

How do you find the right contractor for the job?

Look local and follow recommendations for driveways Leeds. Here at MD Paving, we have 25 years of family experience, great reviews and a photo gallery presenting all our work. Just get in touch!

new driveway Leeds construction

Driveway Construction

New driveway Leeds gravel

Beautiful gravel driveway

New driveway Leeds cobbled

Old cobbled driveway